Tatjana Schwabe-Marković

Cluster Industrial Biotechnology, CLIB

Dr. Tatjana Schwabe-Marković is Senior Project Manager at Cluster Industrial Biotechnology, CLIB. She obtained a doctorate in biology from the Ruhr-University of Bochum. Her postdoc research at Turku University and the University of Geneva was partly funded through a FEBS scholarship and a DAAD fellowship. After 10 years in basic research, she joined CLIB in 2009 as scientific advisor, and coordinator of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster Industrial Biotechnology. She has since managed several projects at CLIB, aiming to bring the worlds of academia and science together to generate new ideas for bio-based processes and products. Currently, she is responsible for European projects and partnerships, such as the 3Bi intercluster. Her thematic focus in the cluster’s work is support for SMEs and high performance ingredients through industrial biotechnology.