Vision & Mission

The Summit’s vision is to contribute to a future where the bioeconomy benefits society and the environment through sustainable solutions (Agenda 2030). This entails people enjoying a good quality of life but also respecting nature and regenerating ecosystems – a “sustainable bioeconomy for all”.

The mission of the Global Bioeconomy Summit is to provide thought leadership in effectively shaping global bioeconomy policy and sharing the global responsibility to contributing to sustainable development. The GBS shall therefore evolve as THE platform connecting informed opinion leaders and trusted sources in the diverse fields of bioeconomy science, industry, policy and sustainable development. The GBS provides a neutral place to promote consensus building on how different pathways of bioeconomy will contribute to sustainable development. The development of a sustainable bioeconomy requires policy strategies supporting the transformation of the current economic system. These strategies involve research and technological innovation but also social innovation, regulatory changes, national and international policy frameworks and long-term political commitment. The GBS has the mission to stimulate and support these transformation processes globally.