Goals & Outcomes


To fulfill this mission the GBS has the goals to:

  • closely monitor and document bioeconomy developments globally

  • identify common challenges and opportunities for synergies in the bioeconomy

  • present new approaches and solutions for sustainable bioeconomy in regional and global facets

  • identify and connect with thought leaders

  • initiate transnational and global research partnerships

  • mobilize participation of thought leaders and key stakeholders from all hemispheres

  • establish an open, equal and science-based dialogue among key stakeholders from governments, academia, civil society and business, incl. finance

  • facilitate and induce knowledge sharing and collaboration in bioeconomy development at regional, national and international level

  • inspire participants to take the ideas and recommendations of the GBS Communiqué back home and facilitate their implementation

  • stimulate national and regional bioeconomy discourses by providing powerful examples of pilot projects and larger scale industry transformations

  • stimulate the implementation of R&D in the private sector

The direct output and outcomes of the GBS are:

  • Communiqué with policy recommendations developed and agreed by the International Advisory Council on Global Bioeconomy (IAC)

  • Report on worldwide bioeconomy policy strategies

  • Exhibition of biobased product innovations and sustainable solutions from around the world

  • Showcasing of flagship projects

  • Collaboration and reporting on thematic priorities discussed during the GBS

  • Report on plenary sessions featuring thought leadership in bioeconomy policy and sustainable development

  • Networking and multilateral dialogues induced by the conference

  • Outreach through live webstream, social and traditional media coverage and public relations activities

  • Multiplier effects through participants’ word-of-mouth and follow-up activities in their spheres of influence